Me, myself & I.


My name is Jodie. I’m 23 years old and have lived in England all my life. There’s really nothing special to say about myself but here’s a little spiel about me anyway..

I’m incredibly lucky to say that my job is my absolute passion. I graduated in 2015 as a Registered Adult Nurse after what seemed like countless years of studying. I started off working in respiratory care but I am currently working at the local hospice and I have completely fell in love with it. Although I get a lot of job satisfaction from supporting those who are reaching the end of their lives; my patients equally teach and give so much back to me on a daily basis. I’m very proud of what I do and the people that I have the absolute privilege of working with.

Me and my partner Adam have been together for over 5 years now and at the moment, we are looking to buy our first home. But no luck as yet.. I do like the idea of getting married and having children but I think it’s fair to say that we’re not ready to take that step just yet. But who knows what the future may hold?

I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I’m a massive foodie and all I constantly think about is what I’m going to have for my next meal. When I’m eating my breakfast, you an guarantee that I’ll be thinking about what I’ll be eating for lunch! Despite this, I do try and keep myself fit. A big emphasis on the word “try”. I’m not very good at it but I do like swimming, Zumba classes and taking long walks with the dogs. Reading is my favorite pastime. You will often find my nose stuck in some book somewhere. I love being creative and expressing that in everything I do. And like most other girls, I love a bit of retail therapy..

I have the best support network in the world. And I’m incredibly grateful for them. My family and friends have always been so supportive of me. I have known my  bestfriend Chelsey since we were in primary school and I’m pleased to say that she still plays a massive part in my life today. But throughout my life so far, I have met some incredible people along the way and made some great friends that I will forever cherish.

I absolutely adore all kinds of animals – unless they’ve got eight legs in which case, I will not rest until I’m reassured that it’s gone and out of the building! I have always had dogs and I seem to have a strange obsession with hamsters. But if I had my own way, I would love to own a tiger because I think they are the most beautiful creatures in this world. And maybe an elephant.. I don’t ask for much.

I have travelled but not as much as I would like. Like most things, life just gets in the way sometimes. And plus, there have been other priorities. But I have been white water rafting down the Koprulu Canyon in Turkey, scuba-dived in the Greek sea and almost got my head stuck at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We are due to go to Mexico this October which is the furthest that I have ever travelled. Eek! But my bucket list just keeps growing.. It would be a shame to just confine myself to one place and not see what this amazing world has to offer.

I’m not quite sure what the content on my blog is going to be. I find it therapeutic just taking some time to sit down, think about life in general and write about whatever is on my mind at that time. And hopefully – within that process – you will find that it’s helpful to you too.