One of the things that I said I would do more of this year, is to pay more attention to the things that inspire me. The things that make me tick. And by recognizing these more often, I hope that I will become more engaged in the things that I love. Whatever it may be – I am trying to make some more time for it. Because let’s face it – life is just too god damn short. Personally, I love to write and always have done since I was a little girl. I’ve had blogs in the past and I’m continuously failing in the consistency department. But I found that I was writing for the wrong reasons and that I was writing to just attract more readers. Rather than writing about something that I was inspired by. And throughout my short time that I have spent on WordPress, I have found that the posts that I feel I get the most out of are the ones that have literally travelled from my mind and down onto the keyboard itself. Topics around life and all its intricacies. Because as I’m writing, it’s also helping me to make sense of the world and how to best utilize my time on it. And you never know – you might found that it helps you out too. That would be the added bonus.

But let’s not pressure anything and let’s just see where this space goes. And in the meantime, I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.



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